Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Reasons to Avoid Instant Noodles

Worldwide, people have been getting busy with the passage of time. This lack of time, we did give up a lot of old things and adopt a new way of life that helps us in our daily life is catching up, work for a short time. We used to use a ladder, we now have elevators, we used to iron our costumes, now we have a non-iron shirts, we used to eat properly cooked food, and now we have instant noodles.


1. Absorption of Nutrients: Noodles, children under the age of five years, inhibit the absorption of some essential nutrients in the body, which is especially dangerous because growing children this age really need these nutrients.

2. Cancer Causing Agent: Ingredient instant noodles, called "Styrofoam" is widely known as a cancer causing agent. And with the depletion of the ozone layer and cigarettes and other harmful products, there is no reason to add another cancer promoting food on your list, is not it?

3. Chance of Miscarriage: Instant noodles seem to be a favorite dish of women workers. But what you do not know that in the first trimester of pregnancy, the consumption of noodles, not only can put the risk of fetal development, but it can lead to miscarriage.

4. Junk Food: Instant noodles are rich in carbohydrates, but they do not contain the necessary vitamins and minerals, and not even a trace fiber. That's why people should avoid eating it, regardless of their age, because the absence of all these things makes it more junk food than a nutritious meal.

5. Cardiovascular Disease and Kidney Damage: The only thing that is present in the instant noodles in high amounts is sodium. Excess amount of sodium has been proven to cause hypertension in addition to many cardiovascular diseases and kidney damage.

6. Monosodium Glutamate: The compound (MSG) is used in instant noodles for its flavoring. This compound causes allergic reactions in some people, in addition to side effects such as headache, pain, burning and redness of the face.

7. Obesity: The main components of the noodles are fats, carbohydrates, and large amounts of sodium. All of these substances have in common, i.e. they are responsible for obesity. Furthermore, the reception instant noodles, water retains in the body for longer periods of time.

8. Digestive problems: Noodles, regardless of the type they were not very good for your digestive system. Regular intake of noodles is the reason for irregular bowel movements and bloating.

9. Propylene Glycol: This ingredient of instant noodles has quality antifreeze and that is why it is used in noodles to save. This does not allow them to dry and retains moisture. But this ingredient weakens the immune system, as it is absorbed by the body quite easily and it accumulates around the kidney, heart and arm.

10. Metabolism: The metabolic system of the body is strongly dependent on the reception of instant noodles, because many of the ingredients of noodles, such as dyes, Addictives contain preservatives and chemicals that interfere with the metabolism process.